Wise Roof Solutions is proudly Christchurch owned, operated and here to solve all your roofing issues. Our team of local roofers have years of experience, and when it comes to roofing we have pretty much seen it all.

If you’re looking for ideas for your Christchurch building or renovation project, or want to know we’re up to the task for taking on your roof, take a look at some recent projects we’ve completed around the Garden City.

Church Hall, Ashburton

Every roofing project is unique and poses its own challenges. Some pose more challenges than others, like re-roofing this church hall in Ashburton. Re-roofing an old Ashburton Church Hall The Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church Hall in Ashburton was built in …

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Heapburn Road, Ashburton

Saying a roof is ‘good enough’ is simply not good enough for us. We take pride in our work, because we know that we’re helping to protect your biggest asset: your home.

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Thomson Street, Ashburton

An old Ashburton home needs a new roof As roofers, one of the biggest compliments we can receive is a word-of-mouth referral. We’d re-roofed a home on Thomson Street in Ashburton about five years ago. Every day for the next …

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A new roof on Thomson Street Ashburton

Beach Road, Ashburton

To prepare for every re-roofing project you can draw up plans and look at original building designs, but the reality is you don’t know what you’re really getting into until you take the old roof off and have a look.

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Three Roofs, One Section

Making Christchurch Beautiful We love rebuilding Richmond! Richmond is Wise Roof Solutions’ home suburb in Christchurch, and we feel every earthquake repair and rebuild we’re part of is helping to improve our community. Three Roofs At Once We recently worked …

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Brooks Construction ColorSteel Maxx Renovation

New Brighton Re-Roof

Working on the repairs of this home in the Christchurch suburb of New Brighton posed a few challenges, and most of them were caused by the location. When you choose the local Christchurch team with decades of roofing experience, you’ll …

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Beckenham Bungalow: New guttering and spouting flows with the lines of the house,


The tenants of this Christchurch rental property noticed issues with their spouting. The old metal gutters had rusted through, which leaked everywhere in the rain.

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Canterbury Re-Roof: Hips, peaks and valleys posed plenty of re-roofing challenges.


This South Canterbury farm house was in desperate need of some love. The hard working family were tired of sleeping with a drip, so they called Wise Roof Solutions!

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Wise Roof Solutions New Industrial Roof


Wise Roof Solutions was proud to partner with Lightening Construction to complete this industrial storage facility.

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