Thomson Street, Ashburton

An old Ashburton home needs a new roof

As roofers, one of the biggest compliments we can receive is a word-of-mouth referral. We’d re-roofed a home on Thomson Street in Ashburton about five years ago. Every day for the next five years, their neighbour looked at the new roof, and thought of Wise Roof Solutions!

This elderly Ashburton couple always felt a bit stressed when it rained. The original roof on this 1930s home wasn’t as watertight as it should be, and the homeowners wanted a nice new roof like their neighbours.

Taking care of the roofing materials

As part of getting this Ashburton home ready for a new roof, the Wise Roof Solutions team dismantled and removed the old brick chimney and an old header water tank. Normally, we would happily dispose of these items for you as part of the re-roofing process, but DIY love is alive and well in Ashburton. The older gentleman wanted to keep the bricks and the tank for a future project, so we took extra care to keep the bricks intact.

Because of the grade and pitch of this roof, the local Ashburton scaffolders put up edge protection the day before. Even as we prepared to work on site, we still made sure these pensioners could get their car in and out of their garage, because after all, no one likes a frosty windscreen.

Always looking after your home in Ashburton

Even though our team of experienced roofers work on roofs and around homes every day, we don’t take for granted that getting a new roof is a big deal for homeowners. We understand that you don’t want your home to feel like a worksite, and at all times, we will make sure your property is looked after.

Having the scaffolding go up the day before, making sure you have access to your property, and clearing away all the rubbish may seem like minor details, but we understand they are big for you. At all times, on every Ashburton roofing project, we’re working hard to look after your home, and look after you as install your new roof.

A smooth re-roofing project

This two-day re-roofing project was as smooth and as hassle free as it gets. As always, we made sure that at the end of day one, the house was watertight and closed off to the elements. This is especially important when re-roofing in winter, because you never know when it is going to rain or get frosty overnight.

Now this Ashburton home is looking immaculate with a Greyfriars Colorsteel Endura roof. Colorsteel Endura is made for New Zealand conditions, and can withstand harsh winds and coastal weather. While this Ashburton home may not be near the coast, it’s not too far away from the Ashburton River. We weren’t taking any chances of salt corrosion. By choosing Colorsteel Endura this couple knows their home will stay warm, dry, and keep looking sharp for years to come.

Don’t get roof envy. Why wait for your neighbours to get a new roof? Instead, you can have the best looking roof in the neighbourhood and have all of your Ashburton neighbours admiring your home. For a free quote on a new roof, call your local Ashburton roofing team on 03-421 8529.

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