New Brighton Re-Roof

Working on the repairs of this home in the Christchurch suburb of New Brighton posed a few challenges, and most of them were caused by the location. When you choose the local Christchurch team with decades of roofing experience, you’ll see how easy overcoming challenges can be.

“The weather was bad, it was pretty windy, we had plastered and gibbed all of the inside but the old roof was leaking,” says project manager and Director of Brooks Construction, Kere Brooks. “Timing was crucial, and we needed a quick turnaround on the roof to protect all the renovation work we’d already completed.”

Fast Roofing Turnaround

“We’d worked with Scott and Wise Roof Solutions before, so I contacted him to get the roof sorted,” says Kere. “He made it happen. From quoting to installation was a quick turnaround, and the whole process was seamless.”

“Kere explained the whole situation, and gave me all the information I needed to accurately quote and prepare,” says Director of Wise Roof Solutions, Scott Cresswell. “As project manager, he had a clear vision of what needed to happen, and his team communicated and co-operated with us to make sure it did.”

Future-Proofing Your Roof

Coastal air is salty, and that salt can make some building materials corrode faster than usual. Regular Colorsteel roofing won’t do the trick here. We needed Colorsteel Maxx. Because of it’s hardy galvanic protection, Colorsteel Maxx is ideal for coastal properties. It will fight the effects of the salty sea air and resist the effects of corrosion for longer.

That coastal breeze also proved challenging long before the new roof went on. New Brighton, like most of Canterbury’s coastal suburbs can be windy at the best of times. Even a light breeze can make moving large, flat objects very difficult… like sheets of roofing iron for example.

Taking the coastal winds into consideration, we hired an extra pair of hands for this job, so we could safely remove the old roof, and install the new Colorsteel Maxx roof, without any large sheets of roofing material flying off like a kite in the wind.

Re-Roofing Safely

Even though the pitch of this roof is quite low, we installed full scaffolding and fall arrests to make sure everyone who was working at height in the windy conditions would stay safe. We were also very aware of the boys from Brooks Construction, and other trades working around us on the ground.

Because of the low roof pitch, we recommended trapezoid Colorsteel Maxx roofing in New Denim Blue. Trapezoid roofing material has a higher rib, which allows for better water runoff. The lowest pitch you can install regular corrugated roofing is 8 degrees, while trapezoid roofing can go as low as 3 degrees.

“Despite the bad, windy weather, everything flowed on this project and we achieved a really good result for the client,” says Kere Brooks.

Big thanks to Kere and Brooks Construction for including us on this re-roofing project. They’re a top team to work with.

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