Heapburn Road, Ashburton

Saying a roof is ‘good enough’ is simply not good enough for us. We take pride in our work, because we know that we’re helping to protect your biggest asset: your home.

While we treat all homeowners with the same level of professionalism and respect, we knew this new build roofing project on Heapburn Road in Ashburton was going to be different.

Roofing excellence in Ashburton

We were building a new home in Ashburton for an ex-builder who only trusted his former apprentice to build it for him. Both the client and the builder demanded excellence, and we had no choice but to deliver. We’re the first to admit that our team of roofers are human, and we may not get it right every single time, but we’ll make it right because our own expectations are excellence.

Our first job to prepare the housing frame for it’s new roof was upgrading the roofing underlay to a solid ply substrate. The installation and quality of the substrate is critical for making sure the new roof remains watertight and weather-proof moving forward.

Laying quality roofing foundations

One downside of the solid ply substrate is that it makes working and moving on top of the new roof difficult for our roofers. That’s ok. We were protected at all times by edge protection and our solid health and safety procedures. We also allowed ourselves the time to get it right. There’s no excuse for rushing a new roof. We’ll do it safely and get your new roof right the first time.

We also took extra time to make sure we had quality wooden purlins. Metal trusses can serve a little longer, but they can expand and contract in warm and cold weather. We know that Ashburton and the Canterbury Plains in general can experience the extremes of heat and cold over the course of a year. Timber purlins are more resistant to changes in temperature, and will stay strong with minimal maintenance over the years.

A new roof during winter in Ashburton

If you want to know what demanding excellence looks like when installing a new roof in Ashburton, it looks a lot like securely fastening over 700 lineal meters of Colorsteel roofing with a steep pitch in the middle of winter. We nailed it. After all, because our clients demand roofing excellence we have no choice but to deliver.

When working with other contractors on a building site, often it’s the little details that make for a successful new-build. The builder mentioned to us that he appreciated how tidy we kept his building site. For us, it’s about respecting the homeowner’s property, and respecting the other people working on site. It might not be a big gesture, but often a little kindness and self-awareness can go a long way.

Both the homeowner and builder were happy with the end result. They were able to recognise quality workmanship and attention to detail in fellow master-craftsmen.

Make your Mid-Canterbury dream home a reality

This new Ashburton home is looking sharp with a Colorsteel Greyfriars corrugated iron roof, with a wide ridge and steep pitch. We loved being part of this demanding project, making this Ashburton homeowners dream home a reality.

Are you planning your dream home in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury or South Canterbury? Even in the middle of a Canterbury winter, Wise Roof Solutions will deliver roofing excellence on your custom new-build projects. For a free quote on your new roof, contact Wise Roof Solutions on 03 421 8529.


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