Beckenham Bungalow

The tenants of this Christchurch rental property noticed issues with their spouting. The old metal gutters had rusted through, which leaked everywhere in the rain.

Not ideal!

Their landlord called Wise Roof Solutions to fix his guttering woes.

We replaced their old, leaky drainage with lovely quarter-round spouting. Rather than make a feature of the gutters, we matched the spouting with the Colorsteel® roofing so it blends seamlessly with the existing features on the property.

The curves on this old Christchurch beauty provided a small challenge, but as you can see, we raked the the spouting down to follow the roof over the porch so it flows with the line and style of the house.

This was a guttering and spouting job well done, resulting in some happy tenants and an even happier landlord. Wise Roof Solutions received an email from the owner saying he never thought he could be excited about new spouting but today we proved him wrong.

Do you have issues with your spouting and gutters? Has it rusted through? Become brittle and cracked? Or are you renovating your home and want new spouting to match the new colour scheme?

Wise Roof Solutions can help. Contact us on 03 421 8529 for a free inspection and quote to get your guttering and spouting sorted.


Construction date: March 2015
Location: Christchurch