Church Hall, Ashburton

Every roofing project is unique and poses its own challenges. Some pose more challenges than others, like re-roofing this church hall in Ashburton.

Re-roofing an old Ashburton Church Hall

The Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church Hall in Ashburton was built in 1924 and still had it’s original corrugated iron roof 96 years later. On a professional note, to make sure your home stays watertight and warm, we recommend re-roofing your home more than once every century.

With a nearly 100 year old roof, it should come as no surprise that the corrugated iron roofing has become rusty, was letting in a bit of water and was basically falling apart. When your roof is in that kind of state, this Ashburton church hall wasn’t creating the warm, welcoming environment it’s parishioners wanted.

Within the last ten years, Ashburton and South Canterbury have been hit with a few earthquakes and a major hailstorm or two, all of which took their toll on this aging roof.

Dismantling the old roof

A combination of earthquake damage, plus modernising this Ashburton church hall meant they no longer needed their fireplace. Plus, the old brick chimney posed a future hazard, and needed removing. As builders took care of the interior, the Wise Roof Solutions team dismantled the chimney and disposed of the rubble.

Due to the age of the old corrugated iron, including the rust and holes, our team had to be extra careful removing and disposing of the old roofing iron.

Our team worked closely with a local Ashburton scaffolding company to put up edge protection, along with specially designed brackets and ladders that clip to the roof and allow us to work on the steep surfaces. This hall had quite a steep pitch, and Wise Roof Solutions never takes chances with health and safety.

The benefit of working with other local suppliers in Ashburton is that we were able to have the scaffolding go up right before we started this re-roofing project, and it came down a few days later once we had finished. It might seem like a minor detail, but working closely with scaffolders to get the timing right on your re-roofing project minimises delays, keeps the job running smoothly and to budget.

New Colorsteel curves

Our Ashburton team gave this church hall a new look with a G300 Colorsteel roof inSlate. The benefit of using G300 Colorsteel is that it’s a softer roofing material, which allowed us to get that nice curved pitch on the roof. Thanks to our suppliers at Canterbury Long Run Roofing, we even had a ‘curver’ on hand to make sure the Colorsteel roof could be ‘bent’ into the right shape. When it comes to giving you a great looking roof, nothing is a problem for Wise Roof Solutions.

Another challenge this Ashburton re-roofing project posed for our team, was that earthquake damage to this older building meant this structure was not entirely level or square. Even without the damage from the Canterbury earthquakes, you’d expect an older building like this to have moved a little over time.

Because we’re experienced roofers in Canterbury and have dealt with older, earthquake damaged buildings before, we knew to take these factors into account during the planning stages of this re-roofing project. Our team of roofers were able to adjust the roofing plans accordingly where the roof wasn’t level or square to make sure this property was still weathertight and brought up to the current building code. Your insurance company will appreciate that!

Your local Ashburton roofers

The curve and steep pitch on this Ashburton church hall give it an elegant look, and the strong Colorsteel roof will help it stay warm and dry for years to come. Again, we should remind you that you should definitely re-roof your house more than once a century. Most Colorsteel roofing products will give you a 30 year warranty, but if you can find one with an 100 year warranty, please let us know!

It’s fantastic to see this church hall in Ashburton once again fit for purpose and ready to welcome in the community. If your roof is old and leaking, don’t wait a century to do something about it. Contact your local Ashburton team at Wise Roof Solutions for a free roofing inspection and quote.


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